I put so much effort into making this look like I put in zero effort.
Mephet belongs to Magpiebones. Seems cool.
This is lazy and bad.

Day 1 - Favourite starter Pokemon

I spent so much time working on this and now I just kind of hate it because of how sloppy I got at the end. I’m just overall really unsatisfied with this image, blech.
This is probably going to just continue to mass in my pile of started yet never finished “30 Day” Challenges.
I promised myself I’d stop drawing ponies.
Promise broken.
Goshdamn effeminate unicorn boychild.
Important lady character of the century.
Touching up some sketches that I did earlier in the week. Amethyst’s pose is really the only one that I decided to keep completely unaltered while I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with Garnet and Pearl.
Kind of meh-ish looking right now and things could be more stylistically congruent. 

While I was killing time until my next class, I discovered that the library computers have paint on them so I tried to draw a tiny Garnet. I don’t have time to finish though so she’s missing a limb and hands. Oh well.