I’ve been working on this since like last night but now I’m not feeling the pose and I’m really losing steam on it.
I might try repositioning some things but I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be better to just start fresh.
Been a while since I drew my fursona.
Greatest angry child to grace television.
Trying out some different brushes than what I usually work with.
I put so much effort into making this look like I put in zero effort.
Mephet belongs to Magpiebones. Seems cool.
This is lazy and bad.

Day 1 - Favourite starter Pokemon

I spent so much time working on this and now I just kind of hate it because of how sloppy I got at the end. I’m just overall really unsatisfied with this image, blech.
This is probably going to just continue to mass in my pile of started yet never finished “30 Day” Challenges.
I promised myself I’d stop drawing ponies.
Promise broken.
Goshdamn effeminate unicorn boychild.
Important lady character of the century.