Goshdamn effeminate unicorn boychild.
Important lady character of the century.
Touching up some sketches that I did earlier in the week. Amethyst’s pose is really the only one that I decided to keep completely unaltered while I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with Garnet and Pearl.
Kind of meh-ish looking right now and things could be more stylistically congruent. 

While I was killing time until my next class, I discovered that the library computers have paint on them so I tried to draw a tiny Garnet. I don’t have time to finish though so she’s missing a limb and hands. Oh well.

Attempted to draw a character I haven’t even thought about in the last decade.
Seifuku corg.
May turn her into a character later, who knows.
Just need to finish just the shading for this and then the Wildclaw banner will be up for customization.
I think Wildclaws would bark like seals.
Are we allowed to start putting in requests for the Pearl and WC side banners?

Nope! Only willing accept requests for the banners until I make the post giving the go ahead or I’m at least finished with the lineart and colour blocking. 

People kept asking if I was going to do Pearl and Wildclaw banners so i guess I’m going to draw those.